Direct Mail And Referrals To Get More New Customers

To get more new customers, you have to be on your marketing grind for sure. Some of your techniques will go down in flames, but the few key marketing strategies will be the ones that will take your business to the next level. I would know, because I’ve tried almost everything in the book to get my business to work – and I’ve discovered only a few techniques that has worked well for me.

Are you interested in knowing what the techniques are that have been proven to work for me? Well, it’s a good thing that you’re interested, because these strategies can work for your business also. And believe it or not, most of the techniques that will work for one business can work for another also. So I suggest you keep an open mind about the marketing tips that I am going to share with you today. Here’s the first tip for marketing your business.

1) Direct mail

Direct mail may be expensive, but it’s a great way to get customers in the door. If you don’t want to run a direct mail campaign, then there’s always postcards that you can use. A postcard is thin, light, and are easy to read – especially if you have a picture on it. This can be something that you can run over and over again, and earn a lot of money in the process.

If you think that direct mail or postcards are hard to do, then you should know that it’s as easy as pie. Here’s another technique that you can use to take your business to the next level.

2) Referrals

Referral marketing is something that a lot of business owners should be using in their business if they want to get sales for free, and lower their overall costs of doing business. I know for me, referrals are a no-brainer, and I get a lot of my referrals due to satisfied customers of mine.

Getting referrals are easy. All you have to do is ask your customers, and offer a free gift for doing so. Many of your customers will refer people to you for the free gift, and you may want to even offer an even more valuable free gift for those who give you endorsements or testimonials caught on camera.

Using both of these tips will help you to earn the most money as possible in your business. Direct mail still works and can bring you more new customers, and referrals work by getting you more new customers for free. If you want to get more new sales, simply follow these 2 techniques mentioned here today.

The best time to get started with these techniques are now. Analyze your marketing materials and see which one will work the best for you. But you can always do both, so if you have time for doing both, go out and do both. The worst that can happen is that you’ll gain a new customer.

Good luck with using these tips to have the kind of success that you crave for in your business.

3 Direct Marketing Mistakes – Elliott Spitzer 101

Everyone makes mistakes in business, but it’s not how you screw up that matters, it’s how you fix your problems. Here’s a great example of what I mean:

In addition to being one of the costliest and most damaging political falls from grace in the history of New York politics, the news about Elliott Spitzer contains tons of marketing and business lessons as well, so let’s take a look at a few of them:

One. Spitzer’s entire platform was built on “ethics.” He chased down lots of bad guys, especially some big financial firms most people would have been afraid of challenging. And in reality, he actually did a lot of good work.

In fact, he was hated on Wall Street for this. I read an article about Spitzer, and one broker, when he heard the news about Spitzer, said, “Yes, there is a God.”

Most successful people have enemies however, so this isn’t a surprise.

What is a surprise is that Spitzer got caught with his proverbial pants down. Literally.

And see, the problem is, if your entire persona is built on one thing, and your get caught in the very same cookie jar you’ve been responsible for raiding, there is no other outcome to be expected other than failure — at least, temporarily. The good news is, America is a very forgiving place (think Marv Albert, Michael Milliken) and Spitzer is very likely to be back at some point in time, but perhaps not as a politician.

Lesson: If you’re going to be a staunch defender of anything, the fastest way to get thrown off the top of the mountain is by not drinking your own kool-aid. After all, no one’s bullet-proof. (Remember reverend Jim Baker?)

Two. When confronted with an obstacle, take swift action — this is usually the ONLY way you’ll have some input on the outcome. I believe had Spitzer waited to see what would happen, he would have suffered the same political fate, but there would have been a number of other severe legal misfortunes to reckon with as well. This would have magnified his situation and compromised his family even further.

Lesson: Being decisive (making decisions) and taking fast action have been pillars of success since business was invented. These specific traits were pointed out by Napoleon Hill in “Think And Grow Rich,” and they are as true today as they were back then.

Three. Admit your mistakes. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve seen Spitzer take specific ownership of what he’s done. He’s said somewhat evasive things like, “I’ve got to get my personal life in order,” but he never came out and stated that he’s been sleeping with a variety of women over the years. Of course, this isn’t exactly a slice of humble pie that’s easy to digest, but there again, that’s why he’s in trouble.

The truth is, in any relationship — whether it’s with your spouse, or with your customers — when you’ve done something wrong… the fastest way the other person will get over it, is by taking full ownership of your actions. And then, you put some sort of transparent checks and balances into your business systems (which you should let your customers know about), to make sure they won’t happen again.

Lesson: Full disclosure and being completely transparent in your dealings, is the fastest way to build trust. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a new relationship, or if you’ve messed up an existing one. No one’s perfect (Lord knows I’m not), but that’s not a problem — no one’s looking for you to be perfect. They’re just looking for you to be honest and open. Flaws are not the problem, they are a part of life — pretending you don’t have them, however, is a HUGE problem.

Fixing your mistakes in business is like fixing your mistakes in life: just be candid and rebuild, one step at a time.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

Network Marketing Success – Implement A Team Building Strategy To Get Your Business Growing Fast!

Team building is not new in network marketing. It’s been around for as long as the industry because it works.

Who is more likely to stay in your business?

A new associate that just joined, was given some basic training, and was then sent out into the wide world of MLM on their own?

Or a new associate that just joined, was given their basic training, and then got plugged into a team building system?

The answer of course is the new associate that’s in a team builder system.

Setting up your own Team Builder System for your team is not very difficult.

Evaluate your network marketing company’s compensation plan. Is it team builder friendly?
Set up a lead capture page or squeeze page and write an email auto-responder series. Place the form to your auto-responder series on your lead capture page.
Set up a redirect url throughout your email series. Place your 1st team member in that re-direct.
Drive traffic to your lead capture page.
As new prospects sign up, they will be exposed to your offer through your email series. The only link that should be in your email series is the re-direct link. Whenever that link is clicked, your prospect will see whoever is in the Team Builder at that time.
Another benefit of the re-direct link is that it makes changing who is in the Team Builder very easy. I use ViralURL and HitsConnect for my re-direct links.

How easy is it? When your current team member gets qualified, just log into your account, go to where you can edit your urls, and replace that team member’s link with whoever is next in line.

It is very easy to set up a Team Builder System for most compensation plans. Know your compensation plan and build your Team Builder System to work within it.

Try it, I think you will be impressed with the power of team building.