Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is the dirty little secret of Internet Marketing. It is advertising gone bad and gone off to meet the rough kids behind the bike sheds for a smoke. It would be fair to say, though, that a good MLM is an accomplished selling strategy that provides definite returns. It is a fairly simple model that has existed for years: a parent multi-level marketing company will sell market their products/services directly to consumers by means of relationship referral and direct selling.

It is also fair to say that MLM is not dissimilar to a pyramid scheme in the same way stealing is not dissimilar to theft.

In MLM schemes independent nonsalaried sales representatives of the parent company are rewarded a commission relative to the volume of product sold through each of their independent businesses or organisations. These sales reps will ideally develop their organization by building an active customer base who will buy direct from the parent company. This builds direct relationships and is a positive side to MLM. The other option is for the Sales reps to create a waterfall of independent subsidiaries who also build a customer base, expanding the overall organisation, which, in turn, can employ independent subsidiaries who also build a customer base, expanding the overall organisation, which, in turn, can employ independent subsidiaries… In the perfect MLM/pyramid, everybody will be selling everybody else the same product and getting rich because of it. This is by far the easiest way of getting an economy like Albania’s.

These quasi franchises will return profits both to the initial product/service supplier but also to every rung on the ladder back to the original company. In this situations there can be enormous loss of profit towards the bottom of the chain; it rolls down hill is the adage here. In these circumstances, it is not unknown for sales tactics to push the boundaries of the law. In fact, the boundaries are often ripped up into little pieces and posted back to the authorities such is the disregard for law or morality.

The fact that these MLMs are in existence is because it is very hard to distinguish between the legitimate and the illegitimate. Defenders of the MLM format will say that it is illegal pyramid selling schemes portraying themselves as MLMs that are the problem, and to a certain extent they are right. In the most legitimate MLM companies, commissions are earned only on sales of the company’s products or services. If participants are paid primarily from money received from new recruits, or if they are required to buy more products than they are likely to sell, then the company is a pyramid. But, what is the difference between an ambitious seller who thinks he can sell £30,000 worth of double-glazing (say) and a useless sales rep who buys £30,000 of prospective sales with no hope of hitting the target? Herein lies the question – or more specifically a big fat payday for the lawyers.

As a basic rule of thumb, any MLM that offers more money for recruiting than for actually selling the product will be of dubious origins. There is also an association with near fanatical levels of training and corporate banter. Viewers of BBC’s Rogue trader will be familiar with the training tactics designed to fleece unsuspecting elderly people out of thousands of pounds. Indeed many critics have compared these training and sales regimes as akin to cults – many MLM programs feature intense motivational programs, which can be hard to distinguish from cult propaganda.

By and large, if someone comes round to your house and says that it will collapse unless you have your walls covered in “Flake-No-More” paint which he just happens to sell at £10000 per treatment you have encountered a pyramid MLM. In which case you phone up the BBC or just kneecap the bugger.

Top Three Benefits to Direct Selling Opportunities For Women

In the current economic state, people are searching for ideas to make additional money. Many direct selling opportunities for women exist but why would you want to get involved? What is Direct Sales anyway? Direct sales is earning a percentage or commission from a product you sell directly to the end user. Let us examine the benefits to determine why so many women join direct sales companies everyday.

Top Three Benefits to Direct Selling Opportunities for Women

1- First and foremost: Money-Unlimited income potential. Women are looking to generate extra spending money each month for themselves, pay for family vacations, help with household expenses or pay down debt. Direct sales is growing every year and has reached $29.6 billion in the U.S. and $114 billion in sales worldwide according to the 2010 Direct Selling Association. How would you like to earn a percentage of the direct sales market? How would you like to get paid just for helping other people succeed in direct selling opportunities? The income potential is unlimited.

2- Flexibility! Direct selling opportunities for women allows us to prioritize our lives around our personal and family’s needs. We can decide to commit 5-10 hours per week, 10-15 hours per week or more if you really want results fast. Keep in mind though, consistency equals results! The beauty of this industry is that we decide the amount of time for ourselves. We control our own flexible schedule. If we are a night owl or early bird, we can work at whatever time is convenient for us. We need to Decide-Commit-Succeed!

3- Home-based! Operating a business out of your home is great for a number of reasons. Household expenses can be deducted from your yearly taxes. Save money on gas by not having to drive to work. With what seems to be constantly increasing gas prices, this could be quite an underlying savings. If you have small children, work around their schedule or while they are napping. Depending on the direct selling opportunity you choose, it can be portable. Maximize your time while at your child’s sports team practice or on your family vacation.

So, what do I personally think are the best benefits to operating a Direct Selling Opportunity as a woman? I’m a stay-at-home mom of four and the unlimited income attracted me the most along with the capacity to help other people earn money, being able to work around my children’s schedules and the ability for our family to take 6-7 week vacations around the country in our motor home.

New Internet Marketers, Are You Ready to Make it Work?

You’ve already decided to make your living as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. Congratulations! To you and all of the thousands that made this career decision this week. But do YOU really have what it’s going to take to make it work? Can YOU achieve the lifestyle that you desire? Most of these new entrepreneurs will be seeking another career path in the coming months. As you may already know, only 3% of internet marketers will be profitable. And that number shrinks greatly when you raise the bar to being highly profitable.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone, but a little bit of honesty right about now can go a long way in providing some clear vision of what lies ahead. It’s my hope that this “clear vision” will help to shed light on the reality of how much work and dedication will need to be done developing, implementing and enhancing your new Internet Marketing Business to be successful, or better yet, nicely profitable!

Simply Google “Internet Marketing Business” and you will have 236 million results! “Online Marketing” will give you 541 million! Needless to say, there are almost unlimited opportunities out there.

And there in lies the downfall of so many new Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs! “Which Opportunity do I choose?” “Maybe I’ll try this one.” A week later…”No wait, this one looks better.” A month later… “This isn’t working how fast I thought it would. I’m not making anywhere near the money they claimed when I signed up. I have to look in a different direction.”

Sound familiar? Be honest. It happened to me and I’m sure many of you have had the same experiences. My best advise to start your new business is as follows;

1. Do your homework first (Developing)- Research and Educate yourself in Internet Marketing. Decide through your research what type of Internet Marketing you really are interested in pursuing. The reason I say “interested in” is because if you cannot develop a passion for your business, YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED! Are you interested in marketing someones physical products, advertising for traditional businesses, marketing e books, marketing your own expertise and so on. Decide on which direction you are going to move forward in and learn as much as you can about this market- who am I marketing to, how do I reach my target consumers, how do I build trust with clients, can I refine a niche market to focus like a laser on?
2. Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more! (Developing) From what you learn and decide in number 1 above, build your strategy. Do not fall into the trap of starting to market before you are ready to. You’ll find yourself going in ten different directions at once and not accomplishing much of anything. I’m not going to say proceed slowly, but rather proceed in a steady, organized and congruent manner in a single direction.
3. After 1 and 2 above have been completed, start marketing! (Implementing) Based on what you are marketing, implement your marketing campaign whether it be through paid advertising, video marketing, social media, e books, article writing and so on. Keep a schedule and organize how you use your time to keep you marketing campaign on track.
4. Stick to your guns (Implementing and Enhancing)- This is going to take time as well as effort. Don’t fall into the trap of expecting to be making tons of money in a month or two. If you desperately need to increase your income immediately, you will be better off getting a second job. Your Internet Marketing Business will take your best efforts and time to build into a profitable business. Build on your advertising program once it’s started. And continue to build. You have to establish yourself and your business as relevant, recognizable and trustworthy.
5. Your marketing has to keep up with a changing market place.(Enhancing) Your target consumer may be changing. Marketing methods need to keep up with what may be working today. If you fall behind, so do your sales. You must keep your content fresh and relevant on web pages or blogs. Create and implement new advertising campaigns. Keep those articles coming. Keep improving all aspects of your marketing. Internet Marketing depends on being visible to search engines. You have to make and keep your presence known!

If you’ve read through the article above, then it’s my guess you honestly want to succeed and are ready to put the time and effort into your new business to do so. Now, let me say Congratulations! Having a clear vision, commitment and desire with an understanding of what lies ahead will give you a serious advantage with your business venture.