Effective Postcard Marketing For a Quick Cash Surge

1. Building awareness using postcards.

Postcard can spread the news of a company just opening its doors. Whether you’ve just located your business in a business park at the most obscure corner where you are unseen by foot or drive by traffic. You can still build awareness of the products or services you provide by using postcards which are inexpensive but a highly effective marketing tool you can use to generate traffic and leads at a very low cost.

2. Increase customer frequency of purchase.

By mailing to your existing customer base you can now begin the process of up selling them or cross selling them on your other products or services. If a customer just purchased a product or service which you are scheduled to install or deliver for them why not offer them an upgraded version of the product or service. You can offer them another more enhanced and expensive version of the product they just purchased and are waiting for delivery on or a lesser price version of the guarantee they did not take you up on initially. You may even be able to get them to sign up for a regular continuity program of the product or service they just purchased. Once the prospect became a customer they have already exhibited signs that they trust your company. By sending them a postcard with the additional upgrades that are available to them you are serving their needs by being informative to other options which exist. This is a great way to getting additional business from them at a time when they are most likely to buy more from you.

3. Reduce marketing costs using postcards.

Postcards are highly effective when it comes to price vs. results or better stated return on your marketing investment. They generate leads of prospects at a very low cost. For small business owners they can afford to conduct an effective targeted marketing campaign. Meeting their marketing plans goals is easily accomplished. With the postcards you can state just the most important point of what needs to be said. Postcards work best when used as a two step sales process. Send out postcards to get the prospects to go to visit your store, a website or call an 800 number to get additional information. You can then begin your sales closing process You will rarely sell your products directly through the use of postcards.

4. Postcards can be very time sensitive.

You can send out a pre-sale announcement with a time sensitive coupon to your existing customer database. For your prospects include this same time sensitive coupon with an exaggerated discount you would not normally provide. The coupon will do two things draw customers to your place of business to take advantage to your offer and give you a tracking mechanism for analyzing your marketing results.

Avoid making these mistakes when marketing with postcards

Most of these mistakes can be easily avoided.

1. Not knowing who your targeted audience is

By not doing an analysis of who your ideal prospect really is you are running the chance that you will not be successful in the marketing efforts you are making. Your prospects are being bombarded by a barrage of marketing messages constantly so statistically you have about three seconds to make your point if you are making your point to the wrong audience you have just wasted you entire marketing plans efforts. So you need to identify your audience then give them the information they need, right then and there, to make a decision to respond to your offer or not.

2. Not putting the proper headline in the postcards to get the attention of your targeted prospects.

If you are targeting a particular audience then state something of great interest and importance to that audience in your headline. For example if you are targeting religious people you may want to have a headline like this: “The Most Important Bible News in 340 Years” in other words speak to your target audience to attract them to your offers.

3. Last mistake that most postcard marketers make is inconsistency in their marketing efforts.

By mailing to a targeted audience more than once you are accomplishing what most direct mail marketers do not. That is reaching your audience with either the same message or similar message again and again. Most marketers send out one postcards and then stop and they don’t repeat the process which leads them to the conclusion that postcards don’t work in their marketing business plan. By mailing more than once you have already surpassed the majority of your competition that only mails once if they mail at all.

Utilizing the simple postcard in your marketing business plan can be a very rewarding and profitable method to target a specific market to get a quick response and influx of customer coming to your place of business bringing in that Quick Cash Surge.

Listen To The Market

Listen to the market, not your broker.

During any 10-year period there will be one major
break in the stock market. It may be only 20%, but many
times it will run to 40% or more. During those times any
investor will not want to own stock. Even the best stocks
will go down.

The good stocks decline because they fall in
sympathy with a lack of buying and also because good
stocks are sold to meet margin calls and for other needs.

Few investors are savvy enough to know how to
sell. They usually sell those issues that have a profit as
they don’t want to get out of shares that will show a
loss yet these are the ones that should be sold first.

Of course, investors will hear the famous
broker line, “The market always comes back”.
But when?

Almost everyone watches the Dow Jones
Industrial Average, the S&P 500 and some also keep
an eye on the Dow Transportation Index. These will
alert the major market direction. If the investor
wants to know how the U.S. economy is doing these
indexes will tell. Investors must learn the language
of the market.

Everyone including 99% of brokers and
financial planners will say it can’t be done. Why is it
that there are a few who can. You can do it too.

Here is a simple method that will tell anyone
the long term direction. If that investor puts his
money into buying the major indexes he will over time
become rich and sleep nights while it is happening
provided he does not remain invested while the
market is going down.

With very little work the investor can go to
the Internet, seek out a graphics chart of the DJIA
and on the monitor plot a 200-day Simple Moving
Average, SMA. On http://www.bigcharts.com it is free.

As long as the DMA (Directiona Moving
Average) line (that’s the 200-day line) is moving up
he can remain invested. When the line turns down
it is time to sell and put money into a U.S.Treasury
Bill money market account. That is especially
Important in today’s interest bearing accounts. Do
not look for the highest interest paying account.

The market has spoken. It is not a foreign
language. Any investor can see it and then comes
the hard part. Investors must pick up the phone
and say to his broker, “Sell”. That is a four letter
word brokers hate to hear unless the investor is
planning to buy something else. Don’t.

Currently the DMA is still rising so it is
safe to stay invested in index funds. Watch that
200 line every week. When it turns decisively down
the investor will want to safely be in cash.

Listen to no one. Do not try to outguess
the market. Let the market itself tell you when
to sell.

How To Start Your Microfinance Company Registration In Few Days

Microfinance is a different kind of financial service oriented Company (like bank) that offers basic financial services to the people. It can help the clients in providing, savings, deposits, micro loans and micro Insurance to the needy people and small organizations.

But now, the total numbers of MFI has grown up significantly. As on 2017, there were more than 220 MFIs have done their Company Registration in India and working effectively in serving the common people. If you want to register a NBFC company and want to make an investment of Rs 5 crore into it, there is no acceptance to deposits. According to RBI process, NBFC non deposit taking Company should be registered initially. Afterwards application must be done for deposit taking status from the RBI.

Two type of Microfinance

There are basically two types of Microfinance Company .that we can find in India.

Microfinance Company that is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RIBI)
Section 8 Company as Non-Profit Organization (NPO).
Why Start Microfinance Company?
Microfinance has changed the impression of financial service sector in the whole World. It has revolutionized the overall financial industry. Starting MFI is a great option for many industry enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. It is also beneficial for both the owner and the services receivers.

Improve the life prospects of Poor People

The introduction of Microfinance was intended to end poverty. MFIs offer basic financial services and micro loans to the underprivileged section of the society. They fulfill the basic financial requirements of the poor and improve their overall life prospects.

Huge Market to Explore

The success of any business depends on the availability of clients. The more clients are there, the company prospects get improved. Around 38% of the total population in India lives in poor condition. Hence, there are millions of people are waiting to get services from a Microfinance Company.

Loan to the Poor

Banking institutions award credit and loans to the resourceful people, only. Poor people usually can’t get any type of credit assistance from the banks. But, MFIs provide loans to the impoverished people and unorganized firms, mainly. With the loans, they can utilize it to improve their life or business prospects.

Chance of better loan recovery

MFI provided micro loans are very small in size. And those loans are also provided with easier repayment terms. Hence, it’s easy to recover the loan amount without many efforts. Most of the Micro loans are provided to the women. It was seen that women are less likely to default a loan in compared to the men.

Requirement of Microfinance Company Incorporation
There are numbers of rules and regulations that need to follow if anyone wishes to begin with Microfinance Company Incorporation.

The net possessed asset should be ¹5 Crore or more. If the organization is from the north-east zone, then asset prerequisite is ¹ 2 Crore or more.

Deposit ¹ 2 Crore as fixed deposit in any bank and get ‘no lien’ certificate.

One of the Company Directors should have 10+ years of experience.

Microfinance Companies are strictly regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Hence, it requires certification of approval to start an MFI.

People need to decide the structure of their Microfinance Company like Private Limited or Public Limited. In case of Private Limited, 3 member/shareholder and 2 directors are required. If it is Public Limited, then 7 members/shareholders and 3 no. of directors are essential.

Application for Microfinance Company Registration

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is essential for all members and directors.
Director Identification Number (DIN) is crucial for the Director of the MFI.
Apply to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) for the name confirmation of your new MFI. It can be done online by using the Reserve Unique Name (RUN) portal.
To complete the registration process of the Microfinance Company, people can apply to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with below mentioned documents.

Articles of Association (AOA),
Memorandum of Association (MOA),
Board Resolution Copy of the Firm,
Copy of the Fixed Deposit credential by the auditor,
Copy of the ‘no lien’ certificate got from the respective bank,
Directors total assets declaration and late credit report.
10 years Experience certificate of the Director in financial industry,
Net Worth Certificate of the Director,
All shareholders and directors of the company must submit the copy of their Identity and address proof.
Company Address Proof.
After the submission of all these documents to the ROC, people need to wait for more 10-15 days for the incorporation certificate. After the incorporation is done, people have to apply for PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Account Number) for the newly incorporated MFI. Also, a current account for the same is necessary.

Get a highly experienced professionals team for microfinance company, section 8 company, nidhi company registration services and always keep ourselves updated to all latest technical updates, development and changes for it.