Effectiveness of Email Marketing – Part II

Creating Email Auto Responders & Offers

When you are ready to write your actual email auto responder, there are a few things to consider.

The first is what is your objective:

Do you want prospects to click on a link within the email?

Do you want to give?

They could be directed to one of your affiliate links where you could attempt to bring in more affiliate income. They could be directed to a product page. They could be directed to an opt-in page. Or they could be directed to a long form sales letter landing page or even your blog.

These calls to action that you are trying to entice from the reader will be embedded in your actual email auto responder or broadcast message. They may be added as a text link, as a direct URL link, as a phone number or as a request for more information via email.

One of the best advantages of an email auto responder as a direct marketing tool is that since it is electronic, all of your links will be live.

When a costumer clicks, he or she is automatically taken where you want them to go. This is extremely advantageous over other direct mail marketing techniques that have an added step in between the potential client reading the piece and the actual action to respond. Once you have decided what your goal is in terms of a call to action, you can determine the actual content of the email auto responder. The content that will work the best for your email will be determined by the type of business you are using it as a marketing tool for, and the type of target audience you are sending it to.

For example, if your business is in financial services, you may decide to build credibility through sending relevant article material in an email auto responder.

If you are trying to sell a product and your goal is to direct the m to your website, you may send a series of emails that are designed to fall in sequence that provide repetitive reasons as to why the client would want to click and consider buying. When considering whether you want to design an email auto responder campaign or a single follow up, always consider your purpose.

Also, you will certainly have a variety of emails that you will utilize as part of your direct marketing campaign. For example, you might have a single email auto responder that you will use to follow up with a direct marketing lead to serve as an introduction. If you offered something written for free, you may use an email auto responder to deliver this information.

If you are working to convert leads into paying clients, you may use an entire series of 10-25 emails that are sent out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep your generated lead list warm.

Now that you understand a bit more, you are ready to produce the actual email auto responders written copy.

Keep on the lookout for the next series in this email marketing training.