Direct Mail and Direct Mail Marketing for Local Coffee Shops

There are many ways to market a local coffee shop for instance you can set up an Internet Café, have a local band come play or give people a discount coffee card for repeat purchases. However, you still have to get people in so they can see how great it is and tell all their friends. After all we all know you must generate word-of-mouth advertising and referrals are the best form of marketing. So how can you get new customer in?

Well I believe, a robust yet inexpensive marketing and advertising program might do the trick. Let me explain; you see, direct mail and direct-mail marketing coupon package is for local coffee shops are a good way to advertise and it is fairly inexpensive to do so. It will generate additional traffic and is best to offer coupons to get people to come in.

It makes sense that the dates on these coupons will be for time periods, which are not peak hours for the coffee shop. Direct mail packages should be sent out to those households within a 15-mile radius along with all the small businesses in the area and perhaps any large corporations, which may be there as well.

It is not wise to send out coupons each month, as you will end up giving discounts to otherwise full price paying customers. Please consider direct mail and direct mail marketing coupon packages, as a good advertising strategy for your local coffee shop. Think on this in 2006.