Direct Mail Advertising Tips For Killer Response

One of my biggest things to remember in advertising is “Do something different.”

You don’t want to be viewed as just another company sending out junk mail. Chances are, your prospect gets mail from companies just like yours every week. And furthermore, you’re competing with dissimilar companies who bombard your prospect will junk mail. Every one of them is begging for your prospect’s attention.

What are you going to do to get their attention?

One of the things I like about direct mail is you can hit your target when no one else around. If you send a personalized mail piece, you’ll likely be the only person sending them personal mail that day. You have their attention. If they’re interested in cleaning, you’ve got the attention of a super hot prospect.

Direct mail is also the best way to keep in contact with your current clients. Don’t rely on the business card you left them or even a refrigerator magnet. While those are good tools, they don’t take the place of reminders in the mail.

When mailing to repeat clients, it’s okay to use bulk mail. However, when mailing to new prospects, bulk mail makes your mailing look just like JUNK MAIL. To keep your mailing from being perceived as junk mail, use first class. Also, make the envelope look like it came from their Aunt Sally. Make it look like personal mail.

Here are some other tips to try that cost little to nothing extra:

Send your letter in an invitation envelope

Use a hot pink or other colored envelope instead of standard white

Mail an oversized postcard (half of an 8 ½ x 11 inch page)

Use something other than a flag on your first class stamp

Hand write your envelope or use a handwritten font when printing

If can’t handwrite the envelope, avoid using labels-print directly on the envelope

Put something bulky in the envelope to intrigue the recipient (band-aids, pen, etc)

Include a business card that restates your offer

Think out of the box. It will take your company to new levels. Your prospects will be interested and your current clients will stay interested.

John Braun is a copywriter with Hitman Advertising. John started a service business while majoring in marketing so he could practice his advertising skills. Now, he teaches business owners to STOP wasting money and start profit from their advertising.